A Botany    
    A I Botanical works and articles
    A IIa Loca Parallela Plantarum 1839 (Latin, Swedish ) Directory: download page by page
    A IIb Loca Parallela Plantarum 1839 (Latin, whole book, large file 78MB)
    A III Pressed Plants (Herbarium) in Paris and Stockholm etc.
    A IVa Swedish Botany / Svensk Botanik (Palmstruch) Examples of plants drawn by LLL
    A IVb Original painting of Laestadius and an handcolored image i Svens Botanik (Nr.766)
    Link Papaver Laestadianum in Nature
B Biological Articles published during lifetime (animals, hunting)
    B1 Articles in Magazines etc.
C Regional Political studies, printed during lifetime
    C I About possibility and benefits of custom cultivations in Lappland regions
    C II The border of Lappland / Swedish State Newspaper
CC   CC1 Working Sobriety
D Pastors Office
    D I Church books / personal registry: birth, death, movings, marriages etc.
    D IIa Protocols at church- and community meetings in Karesuando
    D IIb Protocols at church- and community meetings in Pajala
    D Iic Inspection of Pastors residence 1876 / Protocol etc.
    D III Correspondence with authorities / in- and out sent letters
    D IIIa Koutokeino tragedy / Swedish State Archives / Governments documents etc.
    D IIIb Consistorium in Harnosand / Letters from and to Laestadius etc.
E Correspondence
    E I Letters to Scientists / Register and hyperlinks
      All letters to Scientists in one PDF-file 325 pages
    E II Letters to Clergy
    E II Directory with hyperlinks
    E III Letters to Cathecethes / Mission School Teachers
    E III Directory with hyperlinks
    E IV Private letters
    E IV Directory with hyperlinks
F Sermons, original handwritings (Swedish, Finnish, Lapish)
    F I Collections of manuscripts: Where are the manuscripts?
    F Ia Swedish original handwritings / sermon concepts
    F Ib Swedish copies of sermons
    F Iia Finnish original handwritings / sermon concepts
    F IIIa Lapish original handwritings / sermon concepts
    F IIIb Lapish copies of handwritings / semon concepts
    F IV Old Postillas
    F V Great collection of sermons in Finnish "Nettipostilla"
G Religious texts printed during lifetime
    G I Crapula Mundi and the Theses 1843
    G II Sermons
    G III Visions of the awakened persons
H Magazine published by Laestadius (The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness)
      The Voice of One Crying in the Wildernes / Ens Ropandes Röst i Öknen / Original images
      Printed book. Swedish originaltext and Finnish translation side by side
I Lapish litterature printed during lifetime
    I 1 Biblical History
    I 2 Conversation between a Christian and a non-Christian person
    I 3 Lapish Sermons
J Religious Philosophic studies
    J I Dårhushjonet ("One living in the madhouse"), final version. (Swedish)
    J II Dårhushjonet 1851
    J III Hulluinhuonelainen suomeksi. Suomentanut Lauri Mustakallio. (Finnish)
K Lapish mythology, Swedish handwriting / manuscript
      Directory with hyperlinks
L Inspection protocols written by L.L.Laestadius 1838-1858
      Directory with hyperlinks
      The long visitationstrip 1843-1844 / Map and the protocols
LL Protocols of inspections of Bishop etc. in Pajala while Laestadius was pastor there
M Missionary Schools documents (1847-1861)
    M I Documents about foundation of the Missionary School
    M IA Economic book keeping of the Mission School & Soberty work Original (40MB)
    M IIB Economic book keeping of the Mission School 
    M IIB Excel (hyperlink here)
    M IIB PDF (hyperlink here) [textfile, searchable]
    M III Other dokuments pertaining the Mission School
N Weather observations by L. L. L
      Directory with hyperlinks
O Voyage / Excursion descriptions by L.L.L
      Directory with hyperlinks
P Certificates, examinations and other document pertaining LLL's education.
      Direktory with hyperlinks
Q Diaries, notebooks, other notes.
      Directory with hyperlinks
R Declaration of Taxes (LLL)
      Directory with hyperlinks
S Laestadius health, documents written by Medicine Doctors or by LLL himself.
      Directory with hyperlinks
T Estate inventory, preliminary and final 1861. Several variants.
      Directory with hyperlinks
U Laestadius' bookshelf
      recontruction of the bookshelf by means of documents from LLL's lifetime
      preliminary list
V Other documents. Here belong the membership certificates from French Honor Legion,
  Edinburgh, Uppsala etc.
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